Malware Prevention Tips

Malware, especially ransomware (the act of encrypting files and demanding money for the decryption) attacks has been in news increasingly over the past few months. Given this, EIS thought it timely to remind customers of some basic precautions and best practices that can help mitigate these attacks. Software Updates Recent attacks such as WannaCry and… Continue Reading Malware Prevention Tips

SIMS Teacher App and Android Devices

Capita Education Services (CES) have issued the following statement about their SIMS Teacher App product for Android Devices:   “As the number of schools using the SIMS Teacher App increases, we constantly monitor the take-up across the different platforms.  We can see that the Apple iOS and Windows platforms are by far the most popular… Continue Reading SIMS Teacher App and Android Devices

Adobe Flash End of Life

On Tuesday 25 July 2017, Adobe announced they will cease all support and development of Adobe Flash at the end of 2020. For many years the use of Flash has been declining primarily due to the incompatibility with mobile devices and the numerous security vulnerabilities being discovered.   Since the beginning of 2017, the major… Continue Reading Adobe Flash End of Life

Ready for the Post-16 Census? What You Need to Know

The Post-16 Census forms part of the Autumn School Census, which takes place in the first week of October each year.   The data that is returned is used by the Education & Skills Funding Agency (EFSA) to calculate Post-16 Funding for your school. It is therefore crucial that the data is accurate, as mistakes… Continue Reading Ready for the Post-16 Census? What You Need to Know

The Schools Broadband Mailing List

Did you know that we offer an email community where School Technicians can discuss ideas and problems with like-minded Technicians at other Schools?   So, maybe you’re considering implementing a new service and would like to know opinions from other Schools that may have experience in that area?  Or you would simply like to know… Continue Reading The Schools Broadband Mailing List

EIS e-Voucher 2017-18 Now Available

Our e-Voucher Scheme provides schools with the opportunity to purchase 3 or 5 day vouchers for our EIS scheduled training events. We cover a range of topics including SIMS, Cloud Based Services such as KLZ, Web Publishing & Programming and Systems & Networks.   3 Day e-Voucher will cost £548.25 instead of £597.00 a savings… Continue Reading EIS e-Voucher 2017-18 Now Available