DfE Exclusions Data Puts Behaviour Management Firmly in the Spotlight

New statistics for school exclusions in 2015/16 have been published by the Department for Education and include permanent and fixed term exclusions.  The statistics show that the number of school exclusions in England is at its highest level since 2009.  The full report can be viewed here.


Key points to note:


  • A rise in both permanent and fixed term exclusions over previous year, reversing the long term downward trend
  • 40% of those pupils with a fixed term exclusion were excluded on more than one occasion
  • Over 50% of all exclusion types were for pupils in national curriculum year 9 or above
  • Boys are three times more likely to be excluded than girls
  • Pupils known to be eligible for free school meals are four times more likely to be excluded
  • Pupils with identified SEN account for almost half of all exclusions and are 7 times more likely to be permanently excluded and almost 6 times more likely to have a fixed term exclusion


It is clear that behaviour management will maintain it’s higher profile in both the DfE and Ofsted’s eyes.  You may wish to find out how SIMS can help you to evidence the work that your school does – visit our recent news article on how SIMS can support this activity.


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