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Free Wi-Fi access at sites across Kent and the UK


eduroam is a FREE service which allows participating organisations to connect to Wi-Fi networks when visiting other participating eduroam organisations, visitors would simply use their regular network login credentials for access.  This is a global service with availability throughout the world, a full list of sites supporting eduroam Wi-Fi is


EIS Customers can use their KLZ (Kent Learning Zone) credentials to connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network with the assurance that its enabled for Staff KLZ users only.  We have provided more information to our customers on our Support Portal.


Note that when you use eduroam at another organisation you are bound by the eduroam UK policy and the AUP of the organisation you are visiting.


It has recently been implemented in all Kent County Council sites across Kent including Libraries and is also available at Universities, Colleges and at EIS itself!