Cantium Email Addresses Are Changing!

Why is Cantium’s email changing?

Since the launch of Cantium Business Solutions in July 2018, the company have continued to use the “” email addresses to ensure a smooth transition for customers from Kent County Council to Cantium Business Solutions.

However, Cantium will soon be implementing a new domain for company emails. The new email domain will be “” and will replace the current domain of ““. For example: will be replaced with joe.bloggs 


What do you need to do?

We will update you in the coming weeks as to when these domain changes go live. Once implemented, please ensure you have the correct email addresses added to your address book to make sure you’re still able to reach us. 

Please also add the following email addresses to your address book in order to get in contact with us:

Please note, we will continue to use “” domains at this time and will update you in the coming weeks with any changes to EIS contact details.

If you have any questions about the email address change, please get in touch at or visit the Cantium website for more information.