We Have New Email Addresses as Part of Cantium Business Solutions

From Monday 9th December 2019, we will have new email addresses to reflect that we are part of Cantium Business Solutions. Our new domain name “@cantium.solutions” is replacing “@kent.gov.uk”, for example,  firstname.secondname@kent.gov.uk will be replaced with  firstname.secondname@cantium.solutions.

Our new email addresses are the same as our website URL www.cantium.solutions  so they will be simpler and easier to remember.

This also applies to any generic email addresses you contact for the services and brands that are part of Cantium, including EIS (@eisit.uk), SPS (@the-sps.co.uk), Kent-Teach (@kent-teach.co.uk) and Staff Care Services (@staffcareservices.co.uk). The only exception is Employmentcheck which retains info@employmentcheck.org.uk. Please note that the EIS Support Portal Website will remain the same and can be access at https://support.eisit.uk/.


What do you need to do?

Please update your records with our new email addresses and add us to your address book. Simply replace the old domain name in the email, for example, “@kent.gov.uk” and replace this with “@cantium.solutions”.


Please update your address books with our new helpdesk email addresses as follows:

ictservicedesk@cantium.solutions which replaces support@eisit.uk.

SPSintepay@cantium.solutions which replaces admin@the-sps.co.uk for IntePay customers

SPShr@cantium.solutions which replaces admin@the-sps.co.uk for HR customers


Please also add the following email addresses to your address book in order to get in contact with us:





Don’t worry if you forget as we have a redirect set up for the next few months so that we do not miss anything and please be assured that your services will be unaffected.

We will be updating the contact details on our website and other materials in due course and if you have any questions about our email address change or are having any difficulties contacting our teams, please get in touch at info@cantium.solutions.

Thank you for your support!