EIS Retains Customer Service Excellence Award


Every year we are assessed to check that we are meeting the standards for Customer Service Excellence.  As part of the assessment, we have to provide evidence to prove that we are meeting the criteria set and the assessor also speaks to a handful of customers to hear about their experiences with EIS in the last year.  


The assessor was very impressed with the feedback he heard and we are very pleased to announce that we have again met the criteria and we received a ‘compliance plus’ mark for the implementation of Centrastage.  EIS have used this software to detect deterioration in hard disks which allowed us to replace them before they fail, potentially causing a loss of data.  Centrastage also monitors far more than our former service, ensuring customers get a much more proactive support than they previously had.  If you are interested in registering for this service, please contact us.


The Customer Service Excellence standard tests in great depth those areas that research has indicated are a priority for customers, with particular focus on delivery, timeliness, information, professionalism and staff attitude. There is also emphasis placed on developing customer insight, understanding the user’s experience and robust measurement of service satisfaction.   To find out more visit their website.