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Support Information

View all EIS Support Information on our Support Portal

Available to Contract Customers only – please contact EIS to discuss our support services



Dedicated COVID-19 Support Page


The Education Systems Team have pulled together a number of articles and support documents for schools to use when managing issues such as attendance in SIMS. 

This page will be updated with any new items relating to the school closures and will keep you informed of any new information notice we issue to support schools at this challenging time.

You will need a KLZ log in to access this as it is on our support portal. Please click here to go to the page  https://support.eisit.uk/info-notice/covid-19-information-for-schools-regarding-sims/ 


SIMS End of Year Procedures (EOYP)

The following documents, now available on the Support Portal, outline the steps that should be followed to enable a successful transition from one Academic Year to another in SIMS.

Warning: You must complete these procedures before the start of the new academic year


FMS Spring 2020 Upgrade

Due to the current situation we have taken the decision not to release the FMS Spring 2020 upgrade to all Schools or upgrade EIS Hosted Schools to this new release until further notice.

As many schools are using VPN and Remote Apps connection to access FMS from home, we don’t want to release the files and upgrade our hosted servers as this may cause any disruption to your remote connections if you are working from home.

However, if your school does want to upgrade FMS during this time, please log a call with the ICT Service Desk requesting that the FMS files are released to your site. Please note; if you use KLZ remote apps and decide to upgrade your FMS database to the Spring release then this remote connection to FMS will not work until EIS upgrade their hosted servers to the same version (as yet we do not have a new planned date for this).

As mentioned above, we do not yet have a planned date for the release of the upgrade. Schools will be contacted with updated communications as and when we can provide them.


UPDATE: SIMS Spring 2020 Upgrade files

Now that we have heard from the DfE that the Summer Census will not be required we are planning not to release the SIMS Spring 2020 upgrade to all schools nor upgrade EIS hosting to this new release.

As many schools are using VPN and Remote Apps connection to access SIMS from home, we don’t want to release the files and upgrade our hosted servers in case this causes any disruption to remote connections whilst working from home.

If however your school would still like to complete the SIMS/Discover upgrades during this time please log a call with the Service Desk requesting that the SIMS / Discover files are released to your site. Please note; if you use KLZ remote apps and decide to upgrade your SIMS database to the Spring release then this remote connection to SIMS will not work as EIS will not be upgrading their hosted servers to this Spring release.

Future release for SIMS in Summer 2020

We are expecting to receive the SIMS Summer release from Capita in July. We should be able to make this update available to all schools but it will be a “double” upgrade as SOLUS3 will need to upgrade SIMS to the Spring version before upgrading to Summer. We will update schools nearer the time to confirm the process.


Cancellation of the Summer School Census

The DfE have issued the following statement that covers the cancellation of the Summer 2020 School Census return in SIMS:

“What DfE is doing

It is vital, at this time, that all educational and care settings, including local authorities, are able to focus on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), providing for the children and young people in their care and looking after the wellbeing of their staff.

To help reduce the burden on educational and care settings at this time, the Department for Education (DfE) and its agencies have cancelled or paused all but the most essential data collections, services and requests from educational and care settings until the end of June 2020.

Data collections which are paused will be reviewed and the pause period extended if necessary.”


The following link gives details of all DfE returns and services, indicating whether they are cancelled, paused or continuing:





Training & Events

View all EIS Training Courses on http://www.kentcpdonline.org.uk/


Webinar – S276 End of Year Procedures – Academic/Curriculum

EIS are hosting this webinar on Wednesday 3 June 2020 – 11:00 to 12:00

This webinar outlines the academic / curriculum processes required as part of the End of Year (EOY) Procedures (Information Notice 20-E022). This only applies to schools with a timetable in SIMS; however, in addition, all schools should also complete the End of Year Pastoral Procedures as covered in Webinar S275 and Information Notice 20-E023.


To register for the webinar please click the link below:


After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.



S316 SIMS User Forum – Focus on Recording Behaviour in SIMS – FREE for Customers with an EIS Contract

An opportunity to learn how to:

  • Utilise the Behaviour module (free element of Core SIMS) to record positive and negative behaviour within the school
  • Setup Behaviour and Achievement Types, Detentions and Report Cards
  • Simple steps to record a Behaviour/Achievement incident from the class register
  • Using Report Cards to monitor vulnerable pupils
  • Running Behaviour/Achievement reports


Please book your place online at Kent CPD for the above event.




Hot Off The Press!


Medway NJC Pay Scales April 2020

We are still awaiting the new values for the Medway NJC Pay Scales from April 2020.  As soon as these are available we will issue a pay file to import into SIMS along with an Information Notice with instructions.

Thank you for your patience



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