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Hot Off The Press!


Census Survey – Your Responses


Thank you to customers that have responded to the Census Survey we sent out.


We have received a large number of responses and the feedback is generally very positive. The overall service we

provide in the EST (Education Systems) Team was rated as “very good to excellent” (4.54 stars out of 5, where 5 was excellent)

and we had many positive comments about how invaluable the service is to you. We will put a news article on the support portal

with a more detailed analysis of the feedback in due course.


There are also a number of comments that we have taken on board, for example trying to get the census seminars hosted as

webinars so they are easily accessible and you can refer back to them, which we will work on to improve our service.



Termly Analysis of Calls in the EST (Education Systems ) Team 2018/2019View the Report



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