EIS Weekly Update – 17 August 17


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Hot Off The Press!


Exams Download Day – Wednesday August 16 and 23!


As schools are aware Exams Results will be available for schools to download on Wednesday August 16 and 23.

Schools should refer to EIS support documentation to ensure they are ready for results download days, and if necessary can access the server, run SIMS and Exams Organiser to import their results.

It is also advisable to have an embargo in place to ensure results do not become widely available until the relevant Thursday.

This year it is particularly important that schools have updated their Performance Measures to use the new performance points ranges in use this Summer. KS4 and KS5 PI reports revised to take account of the Statement of Intent are available once the SIMS Summer upgrade (7.176) has been run and patch 23196 can further update the KS4 report to use Estimated 8 values in line with the ‘Shadow data’.

As always EIS are in over the holidays and on Results download days should you need our assistance.


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