EIS Weekly Update – 19 November 20


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Support Information

View all EIS Support Information on our Support Portal

Available to Contract Customers only – please contact EIS to discuss our support services


Release of the SIMS and Discover Autumn 2020 Upgrade

We are planning to release the Summer 2020 upgrade files for SIMS and Discover to all schools on Friday 27 November 2020 by 16:00.

To assist schools in completing these upgrades the following notices will be made available on our Service Now school portal by Friday 27 November 2020:

KB0012651 SIMS Autumn 2020 Release
KB0012652 SIMS Discover Autumn 2020 Release


Remote Access
It is important that any school using KLZ to access their SIMS database remotely via the Internet should upgrade their SIMS system as near as possible to the date that we will be updating our hosted servers otherwise users will not be able to access SIMS remotely. Therefore, if schools do not upgrade SIMS on their server on or around the date below, they will not be able to access SIMS remotely until the school SIMS is at the same version as the KLZ servers.  EIS will be updating this remote connection between 17:00 on Friday 27 November 2020 and 06:00 on Monday 30 November 2020.


SIMS Autumn 2020 Upgrade for SIMS Hosting Customers

Following the release of the SIMS Autumn 2020 upgrade – EIS SIMS Hosting customers should be aware that EIS will be upgrading the EIS Hosting Service between 17:00 on Friday 27 November and 06:00 on Monday 30 November 2020.

This means you will not be able to access the entire EIS Hosting Service during this time including, SIMS/ Discover or FMS and your Hosted files and documents.

The SIMS Discover Autumn 2020 release will also be carried out during the same weekend to ensure the versions compatibility.

IMPORTANT NOTE: – Hosted schools will have to Import the latest version reports on Monday 30 November, please see KB0012365 on the ServiceNow support portal which can be followed in order to complete this. This process is no longer completed as part of the EIS Hosting Service upgrade.


If you have any questions on this please log onto the ServiceNow IT Portal to use the Chat Facility or to log a Ticket. Alternatively, call the Service Desk on 0300 065 8888.



Cantium ServiceNow School Portal

On Friday 18 December, following the successful implementation of the ServiceNow Schools IT Portal for Schools, the EIS Support Portal at https://support.eisit.uk/ will be switched off

 All users should access the ServiceNow IT portal for Schools from that date. 

If you are having any problems accessing the new portal with the login credentials previously provided by email, please contact the Service Desk

From 1st November the following were made available on the ServiceNow IT Portal for schools:

  • Notices – Sims Information, Information Notices, End of Year Information
  • School Census pages


By the Friday 18 December the following will also be available on the ServiceNow IT Portal for Schools:

  • Weekly Bulletin – weekly emails will be sent to schools containing a link to the Weekly Bulletin
  • Newsletters – an email will be sent to schools containing a link to Newsletters
  • Announcements – will appear as a banner or a featured new article


All incidents and requests must be logged via one of the following methods:

  •  ServiceNow Portal  
  • Chat function in ServiceNow to chat live with one of our dedicated Service Desk team members
  • Alternatively, call the Service Desk on 0300 065 8888


Please note where documents reference any related articles/documents there may be two links listed – the first link will be to the KB article on the new Cantium ServiceNow Schools Portal Knowledge Base and the second will be to the same article but on the KLZ Support Portal.  However, as all schools now have access to our ServiceNow portal, going forward we will only be adding/updating SIMS knowledge base articles in ServiceNow and will not be replicating them on the KLZ support portal.  Therefore any SIMS documentation currently on the KLZ support portal will remain as it is but will not be updated.



How To Setup The SIMS Phonics Return: November – December 2020

Following on from the DfE’s decision to cancel all Key Stage Assessments and Returns in the Spring/Summer of 2020. The Year 1 Phonics Return will be taking place shortly over November/December 2020.

This knowledge base article will explain how to import and setup the Phonics Year Assessment Wizard for your Year 2 Pupils.




Training & Events

View all EIS Training Courses on http://www.kentcpdonline.org.uk/


Upcoming Webinars



Producing the Spring 2021 School Census using SIMS – Free Webinar

If you have a support contract with EIS, why not register for our free webinar. This is being on held on Tuesday 12 January 2021, between 11:00 to 12:30.

The overview session will cover:

Preparing for the Spring 2021 census
Creating the census
Adding data to the panels
Validating and correcting common errors
Checking reports and authorising the census

To register, click on the link below. You will then receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.




SIMS Training

Cantium- EIS have put together a wide range of webinars for schools to access. The programme can be found at- https://support.eisit.uk/info-notice/sims-training-courses-webinars/

These webinars can be booked through Kent CPD online. Go to https://cpdschools.theeducationpeople.org/cpd/default.asp and search for the webinar number.

This programme is in response to feedback from schools that they would like remote sessions for training for a number of varied reasons. We have therefore put this comprehensive package together so that staff can access the webinars from home, school or offices as long as they are connected to the internet.




For further information and to get in touch: