EIS Weekly Update – 26 March 20


Welcome to your weekly EIS Bulletin! 

It has been an unprecedented week, the like of which we have never seen.

We are still here to help! Here in the Education Systems Team we wanted to let you know how we are continuing to support over 600 schools with their MIS.

  1. All the EST team consultants are available to support Schools. We have a tried and tested plan for remote working and we continue to be able to support schools through our remote connection software and  support desk.
  2. We have created a COVID 19 button on our support portal which is acting as a hub for articles and information notices relating to the school closure.
  3. We will continue to produce information notices and guidance on SIMS matters such as End of Year Procedures.
  4. Training has been postponed currently and any delegates who have booked on will be given alternative dates.
  5. The team will continue to hold webinars around different aspects of the MIS. Keep an eye on the bulletin for more details.


We also wanted to remind schools that there are a number of processes that still need to be completed in SIMS in preparation for the next academic year. These include;

  • End of Year Procedures, both Pastoral and Academic.
  • 2020 support staff pay awards (there have been some significant changes here).
  • SIMS upgrade – This release has been postponed so that remote connections are not unnecessarily affected. However if schools request the upgrade this can be released.
  • As there is no official notice to cancel the summer census preparation should be made for this return.
  • Schools with a timetable will need to ensure this is in place ready for September.
  • This is a good opportunity to do some housekeeping on SIMS as well.


Please remember we are here to support you through this turbulent time. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need the Education Systems team’s help.




Support Information

View all EIS Support Information on our Support Portal

Available to Contract Customers only – please contact EIS to discuss our support services



Dedicated COVID-19 Support Page

The Education Systems Team have pulled together a number of articles and support documents for schools to use when managing issues such as attendance in SIMS. 

This page will be updated with any new items relating to the school closures and will keep you informed of any new information notice we issue to support schools at this challenging time.

You will need a KLZ log in to access this as it is on our support portal. Please click here to go to the page  https://support.eisit.uk/info-notice/covid-19-information-for-schools-regarding-sims/ 


School Closures due to the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Outbreak

If a school is forced to close under exceptional circumstances, the Y code should be used in SIMS Attendance to indicate student absence as directed by the DfE guidance.  Please refer to the document on the Support Portal for instructions on how to manage Y codes in SIMS.  For advice on which attendance codes to use for individual student absences as a result of the outbreak, please consult your attendance advisory team.

If you would like to apply the Y code to individual students in bulk using a user defined group such as Covid-19, please consult Information Notice 20-E017 Bulk Processing Y Codes for Individual Students in SIMS Attendance.

Note that code will only overwrite missing marks (), present marks (/ \), late marks (L U), O code and N code.





Training & Events

View all EIS Training Courses on http://www.kentcpdonline.org.uk/


S316 SIMS User Forum – Focus on Recording Behaviour in SIMS – FREE for Customers with an EIS Contract


An opportunity to learn how to:

  • Utilise the Behaviour module (free element of Core SIMS) to record positive and negative behaviour within the school
  • Setup Behaviour and Achievement Types, Detentions and Report Cards
  • Simple steps to record a Behaviour/Achievement incident from the class register
  • Using Report Cards to monitor vulnerable pupils
  • Running Behaviour/Achievement reports


Please book your place online at CPD Online for the above event.




Hot Off The Press!


URGENT INFORMATION Regarding the SIMS Spring 2020 Upgrade – Please Read


Due to the current situation with Schools closing from 20 March, the planned release of the SIMS and Discover upgrade files on 27 March 2020 has now been postponed until further notice.


As many schools are using VPN and Remote Apps connection to access SIMS from home, we don’t want to release the files and upgrade our hosted servers in case this causes any disruption to your remote connections whilst working from home.


If however your school would still like to complete the SIMS/Discover upgrades during this time please log a call with the ICT Service Desk, on 0300 065 8888 or email ictservicedesk@cantium.solutions, requesting that the SIMS / Discover files are released to your site.  Please note; if you use KLZ remote apps and decide to upgrade your SIMS database to the Spring release then this remote connection to SIMS will not work until EIS upgrade their hosted server to the same version (as yet we do not have a new planned date for this).


For EIS Hosting schools this does mean the planned upgrade due for the weekend commencing 27 March is no longer going ahead. As stated above we do not yet have a new planned date for the upgrade. Schools will be contacted with updated communications as and when we can provide them.


For further information and to get in touch: