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Support Information

View all EIS Support Information on our Support Portal

Available to Contract Customers only – please contact EIS to discuss our support services

Cantium ServiceNow School Portal

We are pleased to announce that we shall start introducing the Cantium ServiceNow Portal for Schools from early September.

The School Portal keeps you up to date with all the latest Cantium news for schools and will bring lots of benefits to your school, including:


  • Chat: Enables you to chat with one of our Service Desk analysts to quickly resolve your issue
  • Log Requests: New e-forms will allow you to quickly log incidents and requests directly to the team that can help
  • My Tickets: Allows viewing of all your tickets and to provide updates directly from the portal
  • Outages: Can find up to date information on any issues with the systems your school uses
  • Knowledge Base: Browse and search for knowledge articles relating to ICT, HR and Payroll, for services your school purchases from Cantium
  • News: Displays our most recent news articles and lets you view all previous news articles
  • Feedback: Enables you to provide feedback or make suggestions about the service you receive from Cantium


The School Portal is currently being piloted by several schools who are providing feedback to allow us to make any suggested improvements for September.

We shall be in touch with you by email when the portal is being made available to your school.

Please see the Schools Bulletin for further updates.


As we start to enable schools to use the new Schools ICT Portal you will notice a change in the way that we reference Information Notices on our current Support Portal.  Previously schools would have seen Information Notices referred to as 20-E001 for example. This reference will now be changing to come into line with the new portal where Information Notices will be known as Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs)and take the format of ‘KB000001’.

Please also note where documents reference any related articles/documents there will be two links listed – the first link will be to the KB article on the new Cantium ServiceNow Schools Portal Knowledge Base and the second will be to the same article but on the KLZ Support Portal.











End of Year Procedures (EoY) – Support Information

We have added several resources for schools to use as they prepare and run through the end of year procedures. We would like to draw your attention to the following resources:


We have a dedicated end of year button on our support portal that will take you to links to resources. This is on our support portal homepage- https://support.eisit.uk/



There are also a wide variety of support videos for schools to use.

EoY Pastoral procedures- this includes 2 videos relating to CTF transfers both import and export. https://support.eisit.uk/info-notice/pastoral-end-of-year-procedures-videos-page/

EoY Academic procedures- this includes a recording of the webinar we held, sending a timetable, sending a cycle and options online. https://support.eisit.uk/info-notice/end-of-year-procedures-videos-page/


Information Notices

End of Year Procedure Notes:



There are also a number of reports that schools might find helpful in the EoY processes. These include:


Dedicated COVID-19 Support Page

The Education Systems Team have pulled together a number of articles and support documents for schools to use when managing issues such as attendance in SIMS. 

This page will be updated with any new items relating to the school closures and will keep you informed of any new information notice we issue to support schools at this challenging time.


You will need a KLZ log in to access this as it is on our support portal. Please click here to go to the page  https://support.eisit.uk/info-notice/covid-19-information-for-schools-regarding-sims/ 



Training & Events

View all EIS Training Courses on http://www.kentcpdonline.org.uk/


Post 16 Census Return – Webinar

Please register for our free webinar being held on Tuesday 8 September 2020. The session will cover the changes that have been made to the Post 16 Census Return.

To book for Tuesday 8 September 2020, 3pm to 4pm, please click the link below:



After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.



Producing the Autumn 2020 School Census using SIMS – Webinar

Please register for our free webinar being held on Tuesday 15 Sept 2020 – 11am to 12 noon on the link below:

This session will cover the routines required to produce the Autumn 2020 School Census in SIMS for Primary Schools, and Secondary Schools without Post 16 Students.



After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.


SIMS Training

Due to the current situation, we are not running SIMS training courses at any of our venues.  We are however able to offer one to one remote consultancies to cover specific parts of training courses. If you would be interested in a one to one remote training session, please contact us to discuss requirements and prices by logging a call with the ICT Service Desk.



Hot Off The Press!


Medway NJC Pay Scales April 2020

We are still awaiting the new values for the Medway NJC Pay Scales from April 2020.  As soon as these are available we will issue a pay file to import into SIMS along with an Information Notice with instructions.


Thank you for your patience



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