EIS Weekly Update – 31 August 17


Welcome to your weekly EIS Bulletin! 

We appreciate how busy your inbox can become,  so EIS will only send out Support, Training & News messages every Thursday. 

If there is something critical that our customers need to know immediately, we will of course send a message straightaway – that way you will know the EIS email needs urgent action.

Below we have summarised what is new this week… if you have any queries, please get in touch!



Support Information

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Available to Contract Customers only – please contact EIS to discuss our support services

Reminders for the New Academic Year

All Schools:


Schools with a Timetable:


Secondary Schools with a Sixth Form:


If you have had building works carried out over the Summer break or turned your server off, please try to ensure that you switch equipment back on before the first day of term, to ensure everything goes smoothly on the first day back!!



Training & Events

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Hot Off The Press!

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