EIS Weekly Update – 4 February 21


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Support Information

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Available to Contract Customers only – please contact EIS to discuss our support services


Exam Statement of Entry via SIMS INTouch

EIS have been provided with a ‘tweaked’ layout that will allow for Exams Entry information to be sent out via SIMS InTouch.

KB0012819 Exam Statement of Entry via SIMS INTouch



Exams Entry Export Report

Where the Summer 2021 Exams Series has been cancelled EIS are aware that schools are going to be asked to provide Exam Boards with Teacher Assessment Grades and possibly other information

The instructions below will generate an Entries Report per board, providing schools with a starting point for the recording of Teacher Assessment Grades in advance of the specific process to be provided by Exam Boards, where schools choose to make use of it.

KB0012795 Exams Entry Export Report



Don’t Forget the School Census Spring 2021 Return that was due on Thursday 21 January!

The School Census Home Page on the ServiceNow School Portal is updated with the latest information ready for completing your school census return based on 21 January 2021.

You may find the following pages and articles helpful:

KB0012593 School Census HOME PAGE

KB0012793 Updated Guidance for Completing Census Data Items Impacted by Lockdown

KB0012360 School Census Known Issues

If you need further assistance, please log onto the ServiceNow IT Portal to use the Chat Facility, Log a Census query or SIMS Query. Alternatively, call the Service Desk on 0300 065 8888.

If you have a specific policy query relating to data and the guidance issued by the DfE, please contact either the DfE direct using their query form if you are an academy, or your LA Management Information team if you are a maintained school. Please refer to KB0012356 Local Authority and DfE Contact Details for Census Policy Queries



SIMS User Forum Webinar – COVID19 SIMS Attendance Reporting

Cantium EIS ran a SIMS Census Forum on 13 January, focusing on SIMS Attendance under the current COVID19 circumstances.

In this Forum we covered the use of various reports which schools may find especially helpful in monitoring their attendance data, focusing on the use of the X and Y Codes. There are also some hints and tips on make entering attendance data easier.

You can view a recording of the Forum Webinar as well as access the materials provided using this link KB0012785.



COVID Related Information Regarding SIMS Attendance/Lesson Monitor

Several articles have been released to assist schools with processing attendance marks in SIMS, particularly in the light of the latest national lockdown:


  • KB0012777 Using SIMS Lesson Monitor to Record Online Lesson Attendance
  • KB0012770 Entering and Reporting on the X Code in SIMS Attendance
  • KB0012703 Managing User Defined Groups in SIMS


If you have any questions on which codes to use in your registers, please consult your attendance service for relevant advice. This should be either your Local Authority attendance advisory team (maintained schools), the DfE (academies) or your attendance advisory service if you buy this in. 

You can also refer to the DfE guidance which can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/school-attendance 

Once you have been advised on which code to use the Education Support Team will then be able to support you with entering codes in SIMS.  




Training & Events

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Upcoming Webinars


Upcoming 1:1 Consultancy Training

E492 Online End of Year Pastoral Processes 1:1 Consultancy Training – EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

Rather than leave you feeling that you have to attempt this procedure on your own, we would like to offer you the service of online 1:1 tuition whereby we can log on with you onto your computer remotely and then work through the End of Year Pastoral process together. The End of Year processes takes some time and we would therefore need to break the process down into two steps with the training split over two mutually convenient dates lasting a total of approximately 4 hours.

The cost of this online one to one tuition, as well as ensuring your End Of Year Processes are carried out correctly on your own SIMS database, will be £199.

Dates/times to be arranged – the Tutor will contact you once you have booked on the ‘expression of interest’ event as detailed above.


SIMS Training

Cantium- EIS have put together a wide range of webinars for schools to access. The programme can be found at- https://support.eisit.uk/info-notice/sims-training-courses-webinars/

These webinars can be booked through Kent CPD online. Go to https://cpdschools.theeducationpeople.org/cpd/default.asp and search for the webinar number.

This programme is in response to feedback from schools that they would like remote sessions for training for a number of varied reasons. We have therefore put this comprehensive package together so that staff can access the webinars from home, school or offices as long as they are connected to the internet.



For further information and to get in touch: