Improving Telecommunications in Your School With VoIP


With a long history of providing excellent services to the education sector, we understand the requirements needed within your school and how important it is to have a reliable phone solution. Whether communicating with pupils, parents or teachers, school staff require a reliable line of communication. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the telecoms industry and VoIP systems have started to become increasingly popular for many schools and business across the country, especially as BT Openreach has announced they will be switching millions of UK phone lines to VoIP by 2025. 

It is important that our customers have a telecoms solution that is tailored to meet their individual needs, which is why Cantium Business Solutions have recently developed a VoIP hosted telephony solution, Cantium Voice, to provide business essential telephony functionality as a fully managed service. In an education setting, this technology can result in significant reduction in running costs while improving efficiencies, reliability and security. 

As a leading IT supplier, our technological experts work in partnership with your organisation to implement the best connectivity solutions tailored to your needs. We provide our customers with business essential telephony functionality as a fully managed service and currently support over 10,000 VoIP end-users. 


For schools, investing in a VoIP phone solution can provide a number of advantages: 

Reduced running costs – a VoIP-based telephone system can reduce monthly telecommunication costs by up to 35%, lowering schools ongoing monthly spend. Moving to the cloud, helps to reduce costs surrounding ‘on-site’ hardware as well as enabling you to consolidate your IT service, support and VoIP providers. 

Bespoke solution – Cantium Voice can be tailored to your schools needs and you can easily increase the numbers of users. If your school is part of a trust or federation, the schools can become unified with one telephony platform which includes internal direct dialling. 

Remote access – with a traditional landline, users need to be physically located in a static place in order to receive an incoming call. Cantium Voice enables your staff to communicate and collaborate across multiple environments and whilst on the move with an application that is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers. 


To find out more about how Cantium Voice can improve telecommunications in your school, please call us on 03000 411 115 or send us an email at