Protecting Your Network from Cyber Attacks – How EIS Can Help


Following the recent cyber-attack that hit many organisations recently, EIS would like to advise schools on best practice to protect against attacks.


What EIS does for you?


All EIS Schools Broadband customers (KPSN) benefit from the highly resilient and enterprise  class network protection that this solution provides. This includes reacting to threats as they occur to prevent impact on schools. In this case firewall and filtering changes were made over the weekend.


Where EIS provides a School Technician (on-site), we routinely ensure school servers are patched with the latest security updates. 

What should your school do?


Your school needs to ensure your servers are updated with the latest Microsoft security releases. If you do not have an EIS Technician but have Administration and/or Curriculum contracts, EIS can patch your server for you, remotely via our Centrastage management software. In order for us to do this, you must provide Headteacher’s authorisation via email to for us to connect to your servers and schedule an overnight update and reboot.


PCs, Laptops, Windows tablets

These devices should be left switched on with Microsoft updates configured to run until all updates have been downloaded and installed.


Best practice

All schools should be cautious and particularly suspicious of emails with attachments that were unexpected (can include Word/Excel documents). If in doubt delete and do not open attachments. Schools should also ensure up to date backups are in place (e.g. EIS Remote Backup Service) in case data does become encrypted.


Would your school like automated patching, managed by EIS?

EIS are considering providing this service for Primary schools, if you think your school might be interested, please email to let us know.