SIMS Teacher app Android Platform Important Update

EIS would like to share the following news announced today by Capita SIMS: 

“As the number of schools using the SIMS Teacher app increases, we constantly monitor the take-up across the different platforms.  We can see that the Apple iOS and Windows platforms are by far the most popular choices; however, for the Android platform, we have seen a much lower level of take-up by schools. After careful review we have decided to focus solely on the iOS and Windows platforms going forward, and to withdraw the Android version of the Teacher app during the Autumn term 2017.


Availability and support for the Teacher app Android platform will be phased out during the Autumn 2017 term as follows:


  •   The Android version of the SIMS Teacher app will no longer be available from the Google Play Store from 30th September 2017
  •   Support for the Android app by the SIMS service desk will only be available for OS version 4.4.2 to version 5 up until 31st December 2017
  •   Support for Android OS version 6 or above is unfortunately not available due to recent changes to the operating system that are incompatible with the Teacher app
  •   Support for the Android app will cease entirely from 31st December 2017


The iOS and Windows versions of the Teacher app will still be fully supported to continue to provide a useful way for schools to help make everyday classroom administration tasks simple, where they use Apple or Windows compatible devices.”


EIS would recommend that any affected schools contact Capita SIMS to discuss the implications of this announcement further.