Need an Easy Way to Evidence Your Use of Sports Premium Funding?

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It is imperative that schools are able to clearly evidence a complete breakdown of their Primary School Sports Premium and the impact it is having on their pupils as an OFSTED requirement.


With the Sugar Levy payments due to come in from September and a possible increase in the funding, checks on how schools are evidencing the impact will be a lot more stringent.


EIS and KentSport are delighted to have joined together to develop a new SIMS Training course to support the full tracking and analysis of primary school use of PE & Sports Premium Funding.


Using the SIMS Interventions module it is now easy to:

  • Provide evidence for Ofsted and School Governors
  • Group together different activities under headings such as Change4Life, Coaching and Competition and record who is attending the sessions and after-school clubs
  • Report on how the funding has been used
  • Record which children are receiving additional support to swim the required 25m
  • Monitor pupils against outcomes to evidence the impact
  • Analyse the involvement of key vulnerable groups such as SEN, EAL and Pupil Premium children
  • Generate reports and graphs showing a breakdown of your use of the funding for publication on your school website
  • Evidence why the funding has been used to target specific pupils and the impact it is having
  • Calculate your spend on different activities and provide justification for doing so


Attending this course will give schools the skills to use the FREE functionality available in SIMS and there will be no further payments required. Schools will also now be able to evidence the impact of the funding and track it against literacy, numeracy or any other subject required via a very simple process.


It is wholly recommended that all primary schools who receive the Primary School Sports Premium attend this course as they will now be able to clearly evidence the impact it is having on the school, plus it will help guide future planning and allow schools to identify areas for improvement. .


The skills you will learn on this course can also be used to track and monitor other key areas such as SEN Provision, Pupil Premium Funding and initiatives to improve academic attainment, behaviour and attendance.


In addition, the half day training course can be paid for using the Sports Premium Funding, to find out more and book your place visit and search for keyword E472.