Managed Wireless Service

A future-proofed wireless solution fit for 21st century learning.

The EIS Managed Wireless Service enables your school to become a hub of digital learning, whilst ensuring your staff can continue to work quickly and effectively, unaffected by classrooms that are fully utilising mobile devices and laptops.

Download and view our product sheet below to find out how your school can benefit from our Managed Wireless Service.

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Our Cisco wireless solution enables fast, reliable wireless internet for your entire school site.

To ensure that you are experiencing optimal coverage, our bespoke wireless survey will determine the best locations of your access points to balance internet speeds with minimal interference.


Your wireless solution will also include integrated, enterprise level security with guest access, ensuring that your guests cannot access your school data, but have full internet access.

We are also able to offer complete control over your devices, users and apps so that you have full, flexible management of your school. Built in SafeSearch web filtering is also included to protect your pupils from inappropriate online content.


Our WiFi solution will be able to handle everything that you throw at it, with support for all tablets, laptops and computers across your network. No longer will a class of iPads or laptops impact the rest of your staff’s ability to work efficiently, due to prioritisation on your network.

You will also be able to roam the school seamlessly, and access internet resources wherever you are working from within the school.

Cloud Managed

New features, bug fixes, and enhancements are delivered seamlessly over the web, meaning no manual software updates to download or missing security patches to worry about.

Our managed service means that we can monitor your wireless network to notify you of any problems and efficiently resolve them.


Our unique relationship with schools, built up over 30 years, means we have unrivalled local knowledge and fully understand the implications of your issue.

We can, and do, prioritise accordingly. EIS’ dedicated service desk will provide you with phone and online support from 08:00-17:00, Monday to Friday, except bank holidays. We will also manage the relationship with the suppliers and services required to maintain our high-speed network of Cisco access points.

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