The Next Generation of SIMS and FMS

You may already be aware that Capita have recently announced that in early 2018 they will be releasing the next generation of their SIMS and FMS products, known as SIMS Primary and SIMS Finance. For more information on these next generation products and a first glimpse of what it will look like  visit Capita’s website.


Capita have told EIS that they have worked closely with their customers and partners over the years, listening to feedback and ideas about where SIMS and FMS should be heading and as a result, they have re-engineered their solution for the education market. With Capita’s unrivalled knowledge of the education sector and their management information system expertise, Capita are confident that they have delivered a solution that will truly help schools and academies inspire.


SIMS Primary is an evolution of SIMS, which Capita say, is a faster, flexible, intuitive, and cloud-based, management information system. Capita have made it easier for everyone across the school community to make effective use of the information in SIMS and ultimately support decision-making and improve learning outcomes for pupils.


SIMS Finance is Capita’s new true accounting solution engineered to meet the needs of a modern education system. Providing both a central view to individual purchase order views in just a few clicks the new system will allow unlimited user numbers, instant reports and an all-round intuitive interface designed for the finance office.


What about SIMS for other schools? Other sectors of education have not been forgotten or ignored and a new generation of school solutions for Options, Examinations, Staff Cover and Timetabling are all in development to make them even better than the current offerings. As these new solutions are released, schools and academies will be able to use these alongside the current SIMS solution and from September 2018, they will form part of a new, cloud-based SIMS for secondary schools, with independent and special school versions following closely behind.

At present Capita have issued no information about the cost of the new products other than it will be charged on a ‘software as a service’ annual subscription basis. The new products will also only be able to be hosted by Capita themselves although EIS will still be able to provide support, training and consultancy services for the new products.


As more detailed information is released by Capita, EIS will be keeping all its SIMS and FMS customers informed about these next generation product developments.  We plan to organise demonstrations of the new solutions so that users can see first hand these next generation versions of SIMS and FMS and we’ll let you know the dates soon!


Although no “end of life” date for the current versions of SIMS and FMS has been officially announced by Capita, EIS believes the current versions will be available and supported by Capita until at least the second or third quarter of 2022.